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If you’re an outsider when it comes to placing a football bet, you might not be entirely aware of how most frequent punters would choose to get involved; the most popular way to bet on football is through creating football predictions. While a bet of the day selects the single best bet from every available option and a win treble picks out the three most likely winning teams, a football acca is the natural next step from this. As there’s risk involved, it could make sense to see a lot of newcomers shying away from it, but there are enough reasons as to why it’s such a popular way to bet.

Finding the correct selections

Through choosing to bet on a number of different multiples, you should be able to understand the difference between them and far more extensive football predictions. Each selection is often around the same price as the types of odds you’d look for in a win treble, but with it not mattering if a few of these match result selections are lower, as the price will accumulate through there being four or more involved in your bet. You’ll end up deciding on the riskiness of your bet based on the types of selections you choose to include as well as the number of selections involved, with these being the two main variables to take into consideration.

Most of the fun that people get from making football predictions comes from the risk involved, so seeing several match result selections and big odds for your prediction to win is to be expected, with it being likely that you’ll need a lot of luck to get anywhere close to it landing. Bookmakers are always pursuing new ways for their customers to create bets, allowing you to include a larger number of selections and more markets than the basic match result market, but it’s typically advised to stick by backing teams to win, as your bet becomes more complicated through deciding to introduce more markets.

A typical footy prediction

By looking at the sort of football predictions and tips that are formed by experienced bettors, you should be able to see a number of things. They’re likely to have been researched in order to give some reasoning behind why they’re so likely to win and they should stay in the traditional format of all being teams to win rather than anything more elaborate. Selections for a predictions technically range from four but it’s more likely that you’ll find people ranging from somewhere between six and ten based on the odds you’ll get for including several favourites, made up primarily of low-odds favourites but with the addition of the occasional selection at around evens to make the overall price more appetising.