While some enjoy betting on the array of leagues across Europe and others prefer to place bets on non-league football back home, it’s always fair to say that the Premier League is something that all regular punters focus on. It’s recognized by many as being the best football league in the world, so building Premier League betting tips with reasoning and insight behind every selection couldn’t be any more crucial.

The weekend is a time where all major football leagues – including the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1 – play out their main football fixtures. Not only that but it’s also a peak time for the football league, with the Championship, League One, League Two and all non-league divisions below pushing for points in their respective league campaigns. It’s a paradise for those who enjoy creating their own football tips, but nothing is likely to outdo the excitement of Premier League betting.

As far as domestic football goes, betting on Premier League football comes as the ultimate way to bet, even surpassing major competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, EFL Cup and World Cup. The clear focus for betting on the Premier League mostly stems from it being the highest tier of football in England, where the sport is best known and most celebrated. With it being hard to avoid, a lot of punters and tipster betting websites have attempted to master it.

Football tips for the Premier League

In backing favourites such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, you should be able to take some returns, but the prices you’ll be given are unlikely to be big unless if the side you’re getting behind are playing a difficult opposition.

Even when this is the case, it doesn’t always guarantee odds that are tempting enough to get behind, as teams like Manchester City are now being handed odds of 1/3 at best when playing a side that they are practically certain to beat. Attempts to avoid this scenario will either mean that you’re backing a team outside of the top six, which comes with more risk, or getting behind the team you were originally looking to bet on, but in a different bookmaker betting market.

Handicaps are the main way of doing this, where you’d be betting on a certain number of goals that the chosen team need to win by, rather than merely backing them to win the match outright. For instance, a -1 Handicap on Chelsea to beat Leicester City at home would potentially turn odds of 1/3 into odds of 4/6, but in having to beat them by more than one goal, a mere 1-0 victory will still class your bet as a loser.