Choosing to create bets surrounding the outcome of football fixtures has become a weekly ritual with so many matches taking place at the weekend. We’re likely to see this as a trend for many years to come, especially as bookmakers are always looking to create more markets and increase the level of coverage enjoyed by the many fans across the world, but there are different ways to place bets on football, potentially with less risk at stake.

Although it’s something that a lot of football fans do before the start of the next season, the activity of assembling accumulator tips made up of the eventual league winners from each major division is something that’s yet to take off for a large percentage of punters. Those who are already accustomed with identifying league winners will see the point in doing this, but it’s often the waiting that puts a lot of people off, as these types of bets could last several months before being confirmed as a winner or a loser.

What can you include in outright bets?

Anything that will be determined by the end of the season falls into the category of outright betting, with it mostly surrounding the winner of each football league and competition. Top goalscorers in these same competitions and leagues also weigh in, as well as even more specific outcomes such as whether teams will finish in the top four, top six, top half of each table, or even be relegated. Runners-up in major competitions and more outlandish alternatives often appear on bookmaker websites, with all of them available for being molded into accumulator tips of your choosing.

Making an acca from league winners

Options to include football teams to find themselves relegated or finish outside of the top six are usually included into a lot of punters’ outright accumulator tips, but it’s getting behind teams to win each league that you’ll primarily find as part of outright betting accas. Even by adding the winner of the Premier League, Championship, League One, and League Two, you should be able to rack up some pretty hefty odds. It also helps if you choose to include outsiders, as the odds will be larger for these, and it’s not always the case that the favourite at the start of the season goes on to win the league. Each individual market could be as low as under evens, so it usually makes a lot more sense to make accumulator tips out of a few of the most desirable options, but you could still reach odds of around 20/1 even for picking a selection of favourites to finish top of their respective leagues.