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The Fantasy Premier League game is played by millions of people around the world. We have provided our FPL Tips to give you a helping hand to beat your friends and topping your fantasy league.

Fantasy Premier League Tips

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Fantasy Football Captain Tips

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How to play the game

Playing the Premier League Fantasy Football is easy and more importantly free for everyone. All you need to do to get started is log onto the fantasy website and make an account for yourself. When doing this you’ll be prompted to choose a team name, check out the Funny Football Team Names for help with this.

Now you have an account you’ll receive a budget of £100 million the same as every other player and with that, you have to pick a team of 15 players. You will be required to pick two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards, sounds simple enough right? Well, there is a couple of catches.

All players in the game cost different prices and at the beginning of the season this price will reflect how they performed in the prior season and the prices will then fluctuate as the season goes on. In addition to this, you are only able to have 3 players from a single club meaning you can’t just go and sign all the players from the team at the top of the league!

After selecting your line, you can field them in any formation as long as there’s one goalkeeper, at least three defenders and one forward chosen. The remaining players will then be put on your bench and can be substituted before the next game week. Points acquired by bench players will not contribute towards your score for that week unless Bench boost is used.

Finally, you are able to choose a Captain each week who will receive double points for the week you have him selected. The Vice-Captained player will receive the boost if your captain does not play.

Following FPL tips

As Premier League football is played almost weekly, we will provide fantasy football tips either weekly or ahead of each game week throughout the season. Our FPL tips are there to give you our opinions on who you should transfer into your fantasy team or who you should trust with the captaincy for this week. The Fantasy football tips are selected based on the upcoming fixtures and form of current players.

If we spot a weak team playing one of the top sides in the Premier League, then we will see if there are any Premier League Injuries for either team and make our selections accordingly. We will also take into account which players are the Premier League set piece takers for the teams as they will generally have a better chance of picking up more points.

Chips for fantasy football

When playing fantasy football there is the option to use boosts or chips in order to gain more points. These boosts can only be used once with the exception of the Wild Card which can be used in either half of the season. There are 4 types of boost and all of them if used tactically can give you an advantage over the other members in your league.

Free Hit – The free hit chip allows a player to change every single player in their 15-man squad for one game week. This is great if a large amount of the players in your team are currently out injured or away on an international break. This chip can be used one time each season and after the game week has finished, your team will return to exactly how you had it before you activated the boost.

Bench Boost – The Bench Boost chip for you FPL football game can be effective but only if used right. When used it means that for a single game week, the points gained from the players on your bench will also be added to that week’s score. This won’t be useful if you’ve filled your bench with low rated players! This bench boost may be used once per season.

Triple Captain – The triple captain chip for fantasy premier league is pretty self-explanatory it does what it says on the tin. By activating this boost for your fantasy premier league team, the player that you have chosen to be your captain for that week will receive 3x the amount of points. This is more than the 2x that the player would get without the boost.

Wild Card – The Wild Card chip is debatably the most effective boost available to players as it allows you to permanently change your whole team. This means you can replace every player in your team without incurring a points penalty. If this is great to use in the middle of the season if you want to transfer some players that haven’t been performing and put in those that have.

Fantasy football rules

When playing fantasy football there are some rules that you need to keep in mind.

Fantasy premier league points system

Scoring points

You are able to score points in premier league fantasy football in a variety of ways. This includes scoring a goal, getting a clean sheet, playing a certain number of minutes or saving a penalty for example. Here is a full list of how to score points in Fantasy Football:

  • Scoring a goal (forward): 4 points
  • Scoring a goal (midfielder): 5 points
  • Scoring a goal (goalkeeper/defender): 6 points
  • Assist: 3 points
  • Clean sheet (goalkeeper/defender): 4 points
  • Clean sheet (midfielder): 1 point
  • Playing up to 60 minutes: 1 point
  • Playing more than 60 minutes: 2 points
  • Goalkeeper saves: 1 point per 3 saves
  • Penalty save: 5 points
Losing Points

Frustratingly you can also lose points each week meaning you can actually end up with minus points although it is pretty unlikely. You can lose points by getting carded, scoring an own goal or missing a penalty. Here is a full list of how a player can be deducted points:

  • Yellow card: -1 point
  • Red card: -3 points
  • Own goal: -2 points
  • Goals conceded (goalkeeper/defenders): -1 point for every 2 goals let in
  • Missing a penalty: -2 points

What prizes are available for fantasy premier league?

Something that’s often overlooked by Fantasy football players is the fact that there is actually prizes on offer! These are awarded for a variety of reasons mostly for individual success within the game.

If you win the Premier League Fantasy Football Campaign outright, you can expect to win a lot of great prizes as well as those who get second and third or even winning the FPL Cup.

Luckily there are also prizes on offer for those of us who aren’t quite on that level yet. These include Winning manager of the week and month prizes.

The below image is taken from the Fantasy Premier League website and shows what’s up for grabs:

fpl prizes